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Under existing regulations, settlement must be completed on or before day end on T+2. This means Clients who have purchased stocks are required to complete all settlement before 3:00 pm on settlement day. 

For selling of physical scrip stocks, clients must submit relevant physical scrip to Sanfull Securities Head Office not later than 2:00 pm on T+1 . 


Sanfull Securities Limited do not accept any cash deposits, third party transfers or deposits, the name of the bank account holder or remitter must be the same as the name of Sanfull Securities's account holder. To protect the interests of yourselves, All settlement transactions should be handled directly with the staff of our settlement department, avoid the risk of handling with third parties. Please pay the client's own cheque or the client's own bank account transfer , deposit the settlement amount directly into the bank account of Sanfull Securities.

Clients are request to send us copy of your bank-in slip (if deposit cheque, please attached the cheque copy also), together with your account number and account holder's name clearly stated, directly to our settlement department before 3:0045 p.m. on the deposit day:

  1. Fax to 2545-3711;
  2. Email to settlement@sanfull.com
  3. Whatsapp to 9019-8330;
  4. WeChat to Sanfull90198330

Upon successful confirmation with bank on your deposit, your fund will be usable.

With bank cheques and money orders, account will be funded and posted to your account on the same day received provided that the deposit is notified to us before 3:00pm .(Excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays.). Otherwise, the deposit will be posted to your account on the next trading day.

Sanfull Securities Limited right to receive, process or return cash deposits or from any third party and certain withdrawal options is not guaranteed, and the right to return funds to the source of the deposit is also guaranteed.



  1. The stock market is a rapidly changing market and there is an inherent risk in incurring loss in share dealing.
  2. In the event of a default committed by the Exchange Participant resulting in the clients' suffering pecuniary loss, the liability of the Investor Compensation Fund will be restricted to valid claims as provided for in the Securities and Futures Ordinance.
  3. Every transaction carried out by the Exchange Participant shall be subject to any levies which the Exchange may impose from time to time. The Exchange Participant is authorized to collect the appropriate levies in accordance with the rules prescribed by the Exchange from time to time. A copy of the latest Exchange Rules on this aspect is available from the Exchange on payment of the prescribed charges.
  4. Every transaction concluded through and recognized by the Exchange is subject to a transaction levy imposed by the Exchange. The broker is authorized to collect the appropriate transaction levy in accordance with the rule prescribed by the Exchange from time to time. A copy of the latest on this aspect is available from the Exchange.
  5. All transactions made for or on behalf of a client shall be subject to the relevant provisions of the constitution, Exchange Rules, regulations, by-laws, custom and usages of the Exchange, the Central Clearing and Settlement System Rules and of the Laws of Hong Kong as amended from time to time, and shall be binding on both the Exchange Participant or Dealing Partnership and the client. A copy of the latest Exchange Rules on these aspects is available from the Exchange.
  6. Trades concluded through an overseas exchange are subject to the exchange's rules.
  7. Investment involves risks. All market prices and values including unit trusts and mutual funds, shown in this statement are for client's reference only. No representation, warranty, undertaking or guarantee whatsoever(expressed or implied) is made with respect to such valuation and no responsibility or liability is accepted in relation to any use of or reliance on any such valuation by any person.
  8. Any errors or discrepancies should be reported to Sanfull Securities within 7 business days of the Trading/Statement date. Otherwise, the transaction/ statement shall be considered to be correct.
  9. If there are any discrepancies or queries, please contact our responsible officer, Mr. Chan, directly (Tel: 2853 2127).

Note: Changes or amendment of the information might be made at any time without prior notice.