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Sanfull Securities Limited / Sanfull Futures Limited is two independent operating companies, if clients want to invest in securities or futures, must be open a separate account in two companies.


Sanfull Securities Limited〈Sanfull Securities〉 is a local brokerage firm which has been in operation since 1968, and was founded under the name of Fairfull Securities Company. In 1988, Sanfull  Securities was incorporated as the first step to achieve a series of business development and expansion plan. As a commitment to our customers, Sanfull  Securities continues to strengthen its compliance procedure, uphold and protect our clients' interests. Our sincerity and trustworthiness has gained the confidence of our customers and we are determined to maintain and keep up our good reputation.

Registration Details of Sanfull Securities Limited under SFC


Central Entity (CE) Number:


Regulated Activities License:

Dealing in Securities(Type 1)

Registration Details of Sanfull Securities Limited under HKEX


Broker Number:

8330 - 8339

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Sanfull Futures Limited〈Sanfull Futures〉is a participant of HKEX and Clearing House, holding the rights of Hong Kong Futures Exchange, entitle to trade variety of derivative productions.

Registration Details of Sanfull Futures Limited under SFC


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Regulated Activities License:

Futures Trading(Type 2)