Open Account
  What are the choices of Account Type in Sanfull?
Clients can open following account types in Sanfull:

1. Securities Account  
  a) Cash Account:
For client who trade under cash account should prepare to settle all his/her transaction on or before settlement day (i.e. T+2 day).
  b) Margin Account:

This is a type of loan account. Upon approved by Sanfull, you may buy shares within a preset credit limit in your margin account. Loan ratio as provided by Sanfull varies on different securities, and Sanfull have the sole discretion to change the loan ratio at any time. The securities purchased are Sanfull's collateral for the loan to you.

2. Futures Account
Clients need to maintain the margin requirement of futures products on a margin basis.

iTrader Account:
You may perform online trading by utilizing our electronic trading platform ("iTrader") through internet. iTrade account is available to cash client only. This means that you must have sufficient money in your account before you can input order instructions.

How long does it take to activate my account?
For local client, account may be ready to use within two working days from the day we received your application.

What is the minimum deposit for opening an account with Sanfull?
There is no account opening deposit required. Besides, there is also no monthly fee or minimum account balance requirement.

Am I under any coverage or protection if I trade through Sanfull?

As we are a participant of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited ("SEHK"), all your investment through us is protected and is entitled to claim against the Unified Exchange Compensation Fund (UECF) of the SEHK. Compensation payments, which are made in cash only, take into account the value of securities, and are limited to HK$8 million per broker default. If the total of the allowed claims exceeds this limit, the amount will be shared by all the successful claimants and the payment to you will be prorated in accordance with your allowed claimed amount.